Smart POCT Whole Blood Chemistry Analyzer

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Smart POCT Whole Blood Chemistry Analyzer
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Type: Biochemical Analysis System
Model Number: MCL-SP400
Instrument classification: Class II
Weighs: 6.0kg
Testing channed No.: 4
Dimensions: 330mm x 180mm x 240mm(L x W x H)
Sample material: Whole blood, serum and plasma
Power supply: Input 100-240V AC, 50I60Hz; Output 12V DC
Temperature: 15-30℃
Relative humidity: 40-85%
CE compliance: Yes
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Model Number: MCL-SP400
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Intelligent POCT Chemistry Analyzer


What are features of our POCT chemistry analyzer?

Rapid Testing

Result in 3-10mins

Fully automated analysis

Built-in thermal printer

Easy Operation

Only four steps to test results

Incredibly simple to use

Robust and user-friendly

In-built incubation with automatic mixing

Modern RFID Technology

Pre-set calibration curve

Automatic detection of lot expiry date

Indicates number of tests remaining

Superior Precision

High quality results with reliable precision

As precise as universal laboratory analyzer

Closed system with dedicated reagent kits

LED photometric and precise optical system

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